TRacing the fate of Algal Carbon Export in the Ross Sea, Antarctica


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T-shirt design for the Antarctica 5K, with the front design on the left and the back “sponsors" design on the right. Concept by A.R. Margolin and A.M. Lee. All artwork by A.R. Margolin. The Antarctica 5K was held on 9 February 2013, and organized by A.R. Margolin.

For historical and geographical relevance of the (fake) sponsors, visit these links: 1) Icebergs, 2) Richard E. Byrd and Marie Byrd Land, 3) Beardmore Glacier, 4) Terra Nova Bay (image) and (information), 5) Cape Crozier, 6) Ice formation, including pancake ice, 7) Cape Royds, 8) Sir Ernest Shackleton and the RSS Ernest Shackleton, 9) Cape Colbeck, 10) aurora australis, 11) brinicle, 12) Antarctic killer whales, 13) katabatic winds (image) and (information), 14) South Pole, 15) Mount Erebus and 16) pack ice.

Please contact Andrew Margolin at if you would like to use any of the photos for educational purposes.