TRacing the fate of Algal Carbon Export in the Ross Sea, Antarctica


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The TRACERS Cruise scientists and support staff in front of the RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer on fast ice of Barlett Inlet (ship located at 77°03'48.6"S, 157°48'41.8"W). Photo taken on 15 March 2013 by C. Riesselman.

From left to right standing or crouching: Geoffrey Gearheart & Prof. Jerry Kooyman (Scripps), Cody Garrison (Old Dominion), Cassandra Brooks (Stanford), Kim Goetz (UCSC), Dr. Gitte McDonald (Scripps), Sarah Bercovici (RSMAS), Melissa Clouse (Old Dominion), Chris Linden (USAP), Allison Lee (ISB), Meredith Jennings (RSMAS), Hans Dejong (Stanford), Rachel Stevens (College of Charleston), Amy Westman & Sheldon Blackman (USAP), Jacob Kendrick & Amanda McLenon (College of Charleston), Bruce Huber (LDEO), Dr. Roberta Hansman (University of Vienna), Prof. Alexander Bochdansky (Old Dominion), Dr. Peter Lee (College of Charleston), David Koweek (Stanford), Prof. Jack DiTullio & Gianluca Paglia (College of Charleston), David Mucciarone and Prof. Rob Dunbar (Stanford).
Snowmobile: Tom Purcell (USAP).
From left to right kneeling: Dr. Christina Riesselman (University of Otago), Andrew Margolin & Prof. Dennis Hansell (RSMAS), Santiago Gonzalez (NIOZ), Julian Race, Jamee Johnson and Julia Carleton (USAP).

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